Wednesday, December 5, 2007


We all want to keep our minds as sharp as possible - and here's a brilliant new challenge that'll keep your brain in tip-top shape in just 30 seconds a day.Whether you're an older reader, wanting to keep your mind alert, or a parent who wants to sharpen up your children's mental arithmetic skills, our 30 second challenge is fun for all the family.

Devised by Norman D Lock, a respected maths teacher for more than 30 years, it couldn't be easier to follow.Start on the left with the number given and follow the instructions as you go across.When you get to the right you should have an answer.Beginner players have 30 seconds to complete their challenge.Intermediates have to complete the beginners' and their own intermediate challenge in 30 seconds and the advanced have to complete the intermediate and their own advanced challenge in 30 seconds.If you're really keen, you can try to improve on your times each day.


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